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Dallas Father’s Rights

Knowing, exercising, and protecting your rights as a father is important to you and your child. Your kid will benefit from the emotional support that you can provide through a constant connection, as well as from the financial support they can use to have a more comfortable life.

Dallas Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 2 300x200At Dallas Divorce Attorney, we are passionate about helping fathers establish their paternal rights and helping them develop a healthy, functional relationship with their children. Whether you are not married to your child’s mother or you recently divorced your spouse and want to protect your rights to see and care for your child, our Dallas father’s rights attorney can help address your specific concerns.

We will be with you every step of the legal process so we can speed up the process of getting you legally recognized as your child’s father. We will then walk you through all its accompanying responsibilities, so your child can have all the benefits of having both active parents in his/her life.

And if, however, what you need is to contest your paternity, our lawyers can also handle all the legal steps you need to take to prove that the child isn’t yours.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

If you and the child’s mother both recognize that you’re the biological father of the child, you can voluntarily establish your paternity under the Texas Uniform Parentage Act. You and the mother will only need to sign an “Acknowledgment of Paternity” and file it with the Texas Vital Statistics Unit. Unfortunately, establishing paternity won’t be as easy with unmarried parents who aren’t on good terms.

Dallas Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 1 300x200You will need to file your paternity case and request DNA testing from the court if the child’s mother refuses to acknowledge that you’re her child’s father. A legal proceeding will follow a disagreement about your paternity where the judge will have to issue an “order adjudicating parentage.” This method is considered involuntary since one parent is against establishing paternity.

And once paternity is established, decisions over child-related issues will be tackled in court. These include child custody, child support, and visitation rights. This is why for a quick and fair legal process, work with our expert Dallas father’s rights lawyer for an outcome that best benefits you and your child.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

The active presence of the mother and the father is equally important for the child’s overall development. That is why you should establish and protect your rights as a father not only for yourself but also to build a connection with your child that will better hone their individuality. Your presence and support can also help improve all aspects of your child’s life.

Dallas Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 4 300x200Our family lawyers at Dallas Divorce Attorney will passionately advocate for your rights and legally assist you in establishing your paternity, shared custody, and rights to fair visiting hours. We will handle the organization of the necessary documents required by the court and represent you during hearings and negotiations.

Our goal, in the end, is to provide your child with the best relationship they can have with their parents, even if you don’t all live together. If the court successfully recognizes your rights as a father, you can exercise all of them, fulfill your paternal responsibilities, and build a more meaningful connection with your child. You can do all of these even if your child’s mother may still have reservations about letting you connect with your child.

Divorced Father’s Rights

If you’re going through a divorce, one of the major aspects that need to be settled is child custody. And in Texas, it isn’t automatically awarded to the mother. According to Texas Family Code in 1987, the priority of the state is to maintain regular, ongoing contact between the children and both of their parents, as long as it is for the children’s best interests.

Dallas Father's Rights AdobeStock 9125025 Child Support 300x200Dallas Divorce Attorney understands how important your paternal presence is for the wellness of your child’s emotional, mental, and even physical health. So if your marriage unfortunately ends, the divorce can have significant negative effects on the child’s confidence and sense of security. The good news is that a failed marriage doesn’t necessarily mean a failed father-and-child relationship.

With the legal expertise of our Dallas father’s rights lawyers, we can help you protect your rights to continue seeing and participating in making decisions for your children’s life. From child custody and time-sharing agreements to the amount and duration of child support, all legal terms relevant to your child’s wellbeing will be settled efficiently.

Contesting Established Paternity

Regarding issues about Dallas, TX fathers’ rights, not everyone is looking to establish their paternity. Others are in situations where they want to contest their existing paternity and terminate their legal responsibilities to a child they believe isn’t theirs. If this is your case, you will need a court-ordered paternity test to prove that you’re not the child’s biological father.

Dallas Father's Rights AdobeStock 389656890 Father Rights 300x200Per the new paternity law in Texas, men who are required to pay child support can request genetic testing to confirm that they’re the biological father of the child they will support. This is beneficial if the men only signed an acceptance of paternity or failed to fight paternity due to misrepresentations or misunderstandings. And if the test disproves your biological connection to the child, the court will officially end all your legal responsibilities as a parent.

Don’t worry if your case seems to be complex and messy. Our family lawyers at Dallas Divorce Attorney have extensive experience resolving any kind of issue concerning your rights as a father, even when it involves terminating your previously recognized paternity.

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The relationship a child has with their parents is as important as the comfort they experience in life. And as a father, keeping a meaningful bond with your child also benefits your emotional, mental, and physical health as much as it will benefit the same for your child.

That is why if your child is born out of wedlock or is bound to have separated parents after a divorce, make sure that they can still have the best life by protecting your rights as a father. We can help in every aspect of your paternity, including time-sharing, visitation hours, and child support.

And if, on the other hand, you wish to contest your paternity instead, our lawyers are ready to file the motion in court and handle all the necessary legal steps to determine whether or not you’re actually the child’s biological father.

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