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Every child is entitled to a secure and nurturing environment under the law. Love and a stable home are crucial, but children require essentials like food, shelter, education, supervision, and clothing. These fundamental needs are the responsibility of parents.Richardson Child Support Attorney child support 1 300x200 1

In Texas, child support laws empower the court to compel one or both parents to provide financial support for their child until specific conditions are met. These conditions may include the child turning 18, graduating from high school, getting married, having their disabilities cured, or passing away.

The court considers various factors when determining which parent should provide financial support and the amount involved. These factors encompass the income of both parents, the existing custody arrangement, visitation schedules, and additional expenses related to the child’s upbringing, such as healthcare and education.

At Burns Iwuji, PLLC, our 19 years of experience lies in family law, and our Richardson child support attorneys are well-versed in handling any legal matters related to child support petitions and modifications. We can provide valuable assistance whether you need to initiate a child support request or contest one.

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Child Support Calculation

In Texas, determining which parent pays child support depends on physical custody or the time they spend with their child. Typically, child support is paid by the parent who spends less time with the child, known as the “noncustodial parent.” However, it’s important to note that the court may require either or both parents to support their children financially. The noncustodial parent responsible for paying child support is called the “obligor,” the payment amount is based on a percentage of their income.Richardson Child Support Attorney How Child Support Affects Your Taxes

To calculate the amount of child support, Texas uses the Child Support Guidelines, which begin by establishing the noncustodial parent’s net monthly income. This process involves starting with the total available funds and then deducting specific expenses to arrive at the net monthly income. Our experienced Richardson child support attorneys can provide more detailed information on this matter.

The guideline generally includes the following principles:

1. Noncustodial parents must typically provide 20% of their net income for the first child and an additional 5% for each subsequent child.

2. Noncustodial parents with five or more children receiving child support may be obligated to contribute at least 40% of their net income.

3. Even if a parent is currently unemployed, they may still have an obligation to pay child support.

4. Child support orders can be adjusted accordingly for noncustodial parents with children residing in different households.

While parenting involves sharing time with children, ensuring their basic and comprehensive needs are met through financial support is equally vital. We understand the critical role this plays in a child’s development and are committed to ensuring that both parents share the responsibility and can support their children’s proper growth and well-being.

Child Support Enforcement

Noncustodial parents who consistently and punctually meet their child support obligations can avoid the issues discussed below.Richardson Child Support Attorney handcuffs 2102488 1280

In cases where a noncustodial parent fails to comply with child support payments, the custodial parent can initiate an enforcement action by taking the matter to court. In such proceedings, the court can issue orders requiring the delinquent parent to adhere to the support agreement and fulfill their required payments. If you are the custodial parent, you can file this action and represent your case in court. However, for a more streamlined process, it may be beneficial to engage the services of our experienced attorney to handle the matter on your behalf.

It’s essential to note that judges have a range of options at their disposal, and their decisions are based on the specific circumstances of each case. Delinquent parents can face penalties or even imprisonment for “contempt of court,” signifying their failure to comply with a court order, particularly one related to child support. In certain instances, a judge might require a noncompliant parent to pay partial for the outstanding child support as a condition for release on bail. Additional enforcement measures may include court actions, license suspension, passport denial, reporting to credit bureaus, foreclosure proceedings, and more.

Given the importance of these funds in creating a healthy and nurturing environment for a child’s development, we are committed to allocating our resources and skills to provide the services you require. Our experienced Richardson child support lawyer can assist you in ensuring that the other parent meets the designated timelines and fulfills their child support obligations, ultimately ensuring your child receives the care they deserve.

Child Support Modification

Child support orders may require renegotiation when significant changes in either parent’s financial circumstances occur over time. It’s crucial to note that verbal agreements between both parents are insufficient to generate a new child support order that accurately reflects both parents’ financial capabilities, as the court must grant all modifications to child support orders.Richardson Child Support Attorney family with daughter 300x200 1

To initiate a modification of child support, a parent must demonstrate that their situation has substantially changed. Such changes may include a parent becoming unemployed, relocating to another country, or shifting custody arrangements.

Suppose the existing child support order has been in place for at least three years, and the current support amount differs by 20% or $100 from the most recent Guidelines. In that case, the obligor can visit the Attorney General Child Support Division (OAG) office to discuss the possibility of altering the legal order. Before heading to the OAG office, it’s advisable to contact our attorneys for more information.

At Burns Iwuji, PLLC, we prioritize our clients’ child support cases in Richardson and provide top-tier service. We recognize the complexities of navigating the court system, especially given Texas’s extensive domestic litigation legislation. Rest assured that our team is here to offer optimal legal services, whether it involves modifications or enforcement.

We diligently assess all relevant details related to attempts to modify child support arrangements, including factors like changes in income, demotions, promotions, or raises, to ensure that all parties involved are treated fairly and by the law.

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We will stand by your side throughout the entire legal process, guaranteeing the protection of both your and your child’s rights. Our commitment is to provide your children with the best possible life by ensuring they receive the appropriate level of support and financial assistance from you.

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