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Dallas Child Custody

Dallas Divorce Attorney is an excellent choice when seeking a sympathetic and experienced Dallas child custody attorney. We understand that every parent deserves a legally protected relationship with their children. One of your major priorities after a failed relationship or marriage is still the well-being of your children, despite your loss and disappointments.

Dallas Child Custody AdobeStock 271861444 child custody 300x200Our team will make sure the court protects your relationship with your children. We will provide all legal services for child custody enforcement if there is an uncooperative parent or a modification of your custody order is necessary. We can efficiently assist you in obtaining a preferable custody order if your divorce is complicated.

Our Dallas child custody attorneys are here to help you understand your legal issue and equip you with the best solutions for you and your children. We work hard to complete the necessary court proceedings, document monitoring, and legal pleadings.

We understand that every child custody case is different. Whether you want sole custody or joint custody with the other parent, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the best possible outcome for yourself and, most importantly, your child.

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Dallas Child Custody

Child custody in Dallas, also known as conservatorship, is the legal right to make judgments for a child, including where they will live and other health, academic, and childcare concerns. Conservatorship is primarily focused on child-related rights, functions, and obligations rather than the amount of time one individual spends with a child.

Dallas Child Custody AdobeStock 186542003 Child Custody 1 300x200In practice, child custody in Texas can fall into one of two categories. The first is joint managing conservatorship, wherein the court can designate both parents to have a certain level of contact with the child, while the other type is sole managing conservatorship, in which only one person is given complete custody.

If two people are handling conservatorship together, their rights may not be divided evenly. In cases when two people are administering conservatorship together, their rights may not be divided evenly.

Visitation, otherwise called “access and possession” in Texas, is frequently granted to a parent (“possessory conservator”) who has joint managing conservatorship but lives separately from the child. Once visitation rights are sought, they need to provide adequate care, and the court will establish a standard possession order, which is simply a visitation arrangement. If you need to plead for sole custody or perhaps like to have a smooth process for your child custody case, Dallas Divorce Attorney is around to help.

Determining Child Custody

A judge’s most important concern is the children’s overall welfare. A child has the right under Texas law to communicate with both parents regularly. This generally means that a judge can issue both parents joint managing conservatorship except when the judge determines that it might damage the child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Dallas Child Custody AdobeStock 9125025 Child Support 300x200Everything will be routinely assessed. This includes the parents’ overall health, their past demeanor around the child, the stability of each parent’s home, the parent’s attitude across the custody hearing, and the child’s preference (assuming they’re at the right age to decide for themselves).

At Dallas Divorce Attorney, even though no lawyer can predict a particular result in court, we will fully invest our expertise and resources to provide your child with the best possible custody agreement for optimal growth and development.

We are a top-tier Dallas family law practice with extensive experience in child custody cases. By building strong legal arguments and delivering your case in the best manner in court, our team can ensure you get the fairest settlement there is.

Custody Modification & Enforcement

At Dallas Divorce Attorney, our Dallas child custody attorneys can help you with all the legal procedures related to child custody modification requests and establishment.

Dallas Child Custody AdobeStock 236346139 Child Support 2 300x200If you want to amend an existing custody arrangement, an appeal to revise conservatorship or possession and access must be filed with the court. Acquiring a modification will require you to establish that the ruling is best for the child and that conditions have changed significantly since the prior order was obtained.

We know that a stressful experience during the child custody modification procedure may have a detrimental effect on your child’s welfare, so our professionals guarantee to avoid this. We’ll carefully examine your situation, develop the best child custody arrangement for your new lifestyle, and make the best case possible in court to ensure your child gets the life they’re worthy of.

It can be very devastating for a child if they don’t receive regular support, whereas if both parents offer emotional and practical support, the child will benefit a lot. To accomplish the latter, we may even provide help with child custody enforcement. This judicial action addresses the problem of a disobedient parent or when one parent refuses to complete timely and adequate financial contributions to sustain the child’s good quality of life.

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At Dallas Divorce Attorney, your Dallas, TX child custody dispute will be handled accordingly. We acknowledge the advantages of protecting your child’s legal rights in all aspects. We can assist in the development of a healthy environment and relationships between children and their parents.

We can give a wide range of legal services, from child custody applications, changes, and enforcement to related legal services such as divorce and paternity determination. Our team of highly trained and skilled lawyers can support you with anything because we are genuinely concerned about you and your child’s happiness.

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