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The sensitive nature of legal family problems makes them extra difficult to resolve. Divorce, domestic violence, and child custody are just some issues that can negatively affect not only the family dynamics but also the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of the family members.

Dallas Family Lawyer AdobeStock 465779123 family law 1 300x196This is why a quick and efficient legal resolution is especially important in family law issues—which is exactly what Dallas Divorce Attorney offers!

Our Dallas family lawyers have helped many families settle their conflicts and legally guide them toward a newly improved life where the family members’ rights and needs are protected and met. Regardless of the specific issue that you’re facing or how complex it may seem to you, trust that our lawyers can help you reach a solution in the least stressful way possible.

From helping you sort out the necessary legal documents to representing you during court hearings, we are here to proactively advocate for your rights and ensure that your case will end with a favorable settlement for you and your family.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

With our comprehensive legal services that are proven to be effective and satisfactory, our Dallas family lawyers at Dallas Divorce Attorney are among the respected names in the field. We have commendable knowledge of Texas family law and expertise in navigating them to secure a pleasant outcome for our clients.

Divorce Attorney: Whether you and your spouse are separating on good terms or not, it’s important to have a legal expert as a representative during a divorce proceeding. This way, you can make sure that all terms you’ll agree on are what’s legally best for you and your children. From your rights as a parent to your share in the community property, all of your interests will be put forward by our divorce lawyers. More importantly, we can help speed up the finalization of your divorce decree.

Property & Asset Division: Complications around asset and property division are very common in divorce proceedings. Even former spouses who separated on good terms may still not agree on how to divide their wealth, especially if high-value assets (both foreign and domestic) are involved. You or your ex-spouse may want the same property all to yourselves, or you may not agree to sell a certain property. Regardless of the specific complication that you’ll experience, however, our family lawyers will expertly lead you in a negotiation where a middle ground can be used to benefit both parties.

Child Custody Lawyer: More than your rights as a parent, your child’s well-being is our priority. Our lawyers will help you reach a child custody agreement where your children’s best interests are well taken care of. We will ensure that physical custody and time-sharing will be fairly awarded and that decision-making responsibilities for your child’s welfare are properly given to one or both parents. And if needed, we can help you file for modifications in the child custody arrangement or to request from the court to enforce the agreed-upon terms should one parent refuse to follow them.

Dallas Family Lawyer AdobeStock 389656890 Father Rights 300x200Child Support Attorney: Similar to handling child custody cases, we put your child’s needs on top of everything when negotiating child support agreements. We make sure that the amount given is appropriate for the child’s needs and the paying parent’s financial capacity. Also, it’s important to note that the time-sharing agreement will impact the amount of child support. And if circumstances of either parent in the future, we can then help you file a petition for modifying the original child support arrangements.

Spousal Support: Our Dallas family lawyers will also help ensure that the spousal support you’re paying or receiving is fairly decided. We will utilize all the necessary documents and establish evidence of your financial need or capacity for the court to decide what amount and duration of support are needed. This way, you can protect both your legal rights and your financial interests.

Father’s Rights Lawyer: If you need to establish or contest your paternity, Dallas Divorce Attorney is also an expert in navigating fathers’ rights in Texas. We can help you establish and protect your rights as a father who lived separately from his child from the beginning or as a father who will divorce his child’s mother. We will ensure that you can spend the right time and bond with your child while also making sure you are fulfilling your paternal responsibilities. And if you’re fathering a child who wasn’t yours, we can also help you contest your paternity and terminate your legal rights to the said child/children.

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is arguably the messiest case of family issues since it affects the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of one or more family members. And unfortunately, it’s one of the cases where victims are hesitant to seek help due to shame, fear, or even wrongly felt guilt. That is why our Dallas family lawyers are so passionate about providing legal protection to our clients while also ensuring that their abuser is appropriately punished. On the other hand, if you are wrongfully accused of domestic violence by a spouse, household member, or even a dating partner, our lawyers will also ardently defend and clear your name.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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When legal issues involve the family, you want it to be treated with discretion and efficiency. It is also important for your Dallas, TX family lawyer to not only be an expert in Texas law but also to be sensitive enough to look for legal solutions that will minimize all possible negative repercussions to the well-being of the rest of the family, especially the children.

The good news is: Dallas Divorce Attorney can provide you with this kind of satisfactory legal service!

Take advantage of our free consultation and talk to our certified family lawyers today. We will guide you in all the potential ways that you can settle your issues and ensure that a resolution will be met in the least stressful, time-consuming way possible.

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